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Propharm LTD


PROPHARM was established 2009 to manufacture and trade cosmetics. For years, PROPHARM has been providing consumers with top-quality cosmetic products made with healing Mediterranean herbs and plants and in accordance with the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices. Both our products and their manufacturing process are compliant with the GMP ISO 22716 international standard on Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices. ISO 22716 is the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standard which provides organizational and technical guidance on managing human, technical and administrative factors affecting the manufacturing of cosmetics and product quality. PROPHARM s headquarters and production facilities are located in a modern building at Kampanis, Kilkis, a beautiful town located only 25 km outside of the city of Thessaloniki. The state-of-the-art equipment and fully equipped laboratory provide an ideal environment for research and development of modern plant-based cosmetics. The experienced and qualified scientific and technical staff, the careful selection of raw and packaging materials in combination with the strict quality controls carried out both in the company s laboratories as well as in the external laboratories of our partner, the Hellenic Institute of Research and Evaluation of Cosmetic Products, ensure the excellent quality of all our cosmetic products. All products manufactured and intended for sale are subject to the Regulation on cosmetic products (Regulation (ΕC) No 1223/2009 as amended in July 2013). All our cosmetic products meet the requirements set out by the European Union, are accompanied by a complete file (dermatological tests, challenge tests, safety assessment, stability assessment, etc.) and are notified in the European Notification System called the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), which was created for the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. PROPHARM s core business is the manufacture of high-quality private-label products for interested clients. Today, the company manufactures face care products (creams, serums, masks, peeling products, cleansing products), body care products (body washes, body milks, body butters, body scrubs, body oils, aloe gels, body mists), hair products (shampoos, hair conditioners, hair masks, hair oils to be applied before or after bath). Our expert staff can develop any products our partners may request. PROPHARM manufactures and distributes its own complete lines of cosmetic products under the OLIVE TOUCH the “OLIVIN” and the “B.TOUCH” brand made with organic olive oil.

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