Mission économique et commerciale en Méditerranée orientale

JOIST Innovation Park


JOIST Innovation Park is a dynamic and vibrant hub at the forefront of fostering innovation and collaboration across Europe. Situated at the nexus of cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial spirit, the park is a catalyst for forward-thinking ideas and transformative projects. JOIST provides a fertile ground for startups, businesses, scientists, and visionaries to converge, exchange insights, and create synergistic opportunities. JOIST Innovation Park offers an environment that nurtures creativity, accelerates growth, and cultivates partnerships. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur seeking a launchpad for your venture or an established business aiming to stay ahead in the innovation race, JOIST Innovation Park is a space where ideas evolve into impactful realities. At JOIST Innovation Park, our core belief is that innovation is the driving force behind progress. We facilitate an ecosystem that encourages cross-industry collaboration, knowledge sharing, and technological advancement. By providing access to expert resources, and a Community of likeminded individuals, we empower innovators to transcend boundaries and reach their full potential. The park's strategic location, paired with its forward-looking infrastructure, positions it as a nexus of creativity, where novel ideas intertwine with existing expertise, leading to breakthrough innovations. Whether you're seeking to develop groundbreaking solutions, engage in transformative discussions, or simply immerse yourself in an atmosphere of innovation, JOIST Innovation Park stands ready to catalyze your journey towards success.

Economic Sectors

Digital goods and services
Pharmaceuticals / cosmetics
Renewable energy

Type of organization



Between €500,000 and €1,000,000

Participation in the Francophone mission in the Eastern Mediterranean

Greece - Athens
Greece - Thessaloniki



Site Internet


Number of employees