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KRONOS S.A is the mother company of the group of 4 industries in the canned fruit and fruit puree as well as olives . Kronos s.a itself , is a private, export oriented company, established in 1971 considered the leader in the Greek canning fruit industry, the largest producer in Europe and among the top five players in the world regarding canned peach. Both the company’s factory and headquarters are located in the region of the –original -- Greek Macedonia, in North Greece, close to ancient Pella homeland of Alexander the Great. A point of great strategic value, as the region is one of the country's top peach growing areas (both in volume and quality). Being situated close to Thessaloniki (the country's second largest city and commercial port), Kronos has a direct and easy access to markets around the world. Among the 85 countries we export, are EU countries, Russia, U.S.A. , Canada, Central and South America , Middle East , South East Asia , Japan and Australia, North and Central Africa countries , mostly as private label providers for large retailers and food services . Over 1200 tons of fresh fruits are processed daily. Total production it reaches over 3500 containers per year , including all canned fruits products and fruit puree concentrate. This creates an estimated turnover of over € 54.000.000 per year. Having an educated qualified staff of 90 permanent and 800 seasonal people , we enjoy a very high reputation (among our) clients for all these years, securing for all our best services and high quality products. 1)Our CANNED FRUIT are well known for the aroma, flavor, texture and high quality. The product range includes fruits in cans for retail (cans of 420 gr and 820 gr) and food services ( HORECA , cans of 2600 gr , 3050 gr 4200 gr packed in 12 production lines. vPeaches halves, slices and dices. vApricot Halves vFruit cocktail vPear Halves, Dices . 2)FRUIT PUREE aseptically filled in metal drums of 235 and 210 kg. vApricot, Peach, Apple, Pear and Plum puree concentrate and single strength 3) ASEPTIC FRUITS aseptically filled in aseptic bags in metal drums of 200 kg. vAseptic Peach & Pear Dices , Aseptic Apricot Halves . 4) PLASTIC CUPS . Fruit dices in plastic cups of 124 ml. Peach , pear dices , fruit cocktail Olives with garlic or almonds or chili, or jalapenos or paprika , or mix without pit. 5) ), In jars of 580ml and 720 ml. Peach halves , slices in syrup and other tastes such as vanilla, cinnamon , almond and amaretto . Apricot halves , pear halves , fruit cocktail .

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Between €500,000 and €1,000,000

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Middle East
Indian Ocean

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Greece - Thessaloniki



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