Mission de prospection économique 2023

Etisal International


“As a leading BPO provider in the Middle East; ETISAL International was founded back in 2003 and offers today complete flexible sourcing models; BPO services, ITO services and HRO Services, with a focus on Industry best practices; ETISAL International today handles an average of 12 million transactions per month for 100+ clients in 20+ different industries utilizing 6,200 multilingual agents using high-end technology in 5 different delivery centers in Egypt and KSA. ETISAL International is COPC ISO & OHSAS certified. In year 2019/2020; ETISAL International has increased its digital non-voice services and “Work from anywhere” models to its various clients and has expanded with world leading e-payment, consumer electronics and e-com brands providing its various services covering EMEA countries in a span of different European languages.”

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