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Centrul European pentru Educație, Cercetare și Dezvoltare-Sintesis


Synergies The world is changing systemically and systematically! Life changes! The trend of the contemporary world leads to the essential modification of the mechanisms of life with which we have been accustomed until now. This significantly influences everything around us. The ability to perceive and adapt to a new lifestyle makes the difference between people, organizations and corporations. The digital age began even before we realized what was happening. Today, this trend is in fierce development, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) advancing rapidly in all professional and everyday life. The need for adaptation leads to new approaches, developing individual or associative structures that respond to challenges by sharing common values and principles. Mission We believe that our mission must inspire, motivate and create values. These values must be conveyed through everything we do, going beyond dilettante formalism and promoting true values. We create complete and complex solutions, based both on experience and on the connections we have, synergistically and homogeneously designed, so that each expense to be quoted as an investment, adding value to each project. Who we are Centrul European Pentru Educaţie, Cercetare Şi Dezvoltare – Sintesis (The European Centre for Education, Research and Development – Synthesis) was created from the desire to be a vector for the development and integration of national projects in the European area and the European ones in the international one. In this respect, Centrul European Pentru Educaţie, Cercetare Şi Dezvoltare – Sintesis successfully covers a wide range of activities and services, in accordance with European policies, offering, together with its collaborators and partners, customized solutions and implementation strategies according to customer needs, but also in the dynamics of evolution in accordance with the development trends specific to each field. Thus, from campaigns and events in the sphere of entrepreneurial and business culture, to professional training courses in various fields of activity, Centrul European Pentru Educaţie, Cercetare Şi Dezvoltare – Sintesis also offers management services for branding and visual identity campaigns, packages of consulting services and strategies for launching products and services on different markets, integrated concepts for digitization and deployment of nanotechnologies, laboratory studies and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Centrul European Pentru Educaţie, Cercetare Şi Dezvoltare – Sintesis is a generator of integrated solutions and a service provider of several organizations, institutions and corporations, both Romanian and foreign, successfully developing partnerships with state owned or private entities. In this respect, we proudly announce that we have been awarded the title of Supplier of the Knights of Malta Club, an attribute that represents a mark of excellence, a sign of recognition and appreciation of the level of quality in terms of the services offered by Centrul European Pentru Educaţie, Cercetare Şi Dezvoltare – Sintesis. Equally, we are proud of our status as Partner of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce and of the World Trade Center, being part of PRO GROUP OF COMPANIES. Today, we can proudly say that we have exceeded the organization of 500 national and international events, from conferences, congresses, symposia and forums, seminars, workshops and teambuildings, to galas and festivals, sports and cultural events, courses and sessions for testing and evaluating knowledge. Our solutions  identifying and advising on market development opportunities;  market research and intelligence analysis, as well as 'business intelligence' and 'competitive intelligence' reports;  applied research, laboratory studies and product analysis;  assistance and advice regarding the launch of products and services on the Romanian market or on other markets;  solutions from digitisation, nanotechnologies and artificial intelligence;  development of applied, customized IT strategies;  organizing professional training and personal development courses, including e-learning projects;  assessment of professional knowledge and skills specific to a field of activity;  organizing visual identity shows;  organizing workshops or team-buildings;  organizing meetings, seminars, conferences, symposia, round tables, forums, congresses, galas and soirées;  organizing B2B meetings and identifying new potential business partners;  organizing festivals and events on cultural identity;  creating and running P.R. and marketing, branding and visual identity campaigns;  customized solutions for business, creation of concepts and strategies, counseling for their implementation;  document translation or simultaneous translation and interpreting services; Medical diplomacy - Fly to a Smile By combining the strengths of telemedicine and medical diplomacy, nations can create a more interconnected and resilient global healthcare ecosystem, ultimately benefiting patients through improved access to quality care, enhanced emergency response capabilities, and advancements in medical research and innovation. Medical diplomacy and telemedicine are two interconnected fields that contribute to the development of an integrated health concept, for the benefit of the patient, who can choose the medical services, both remotely or in clinics and hospitals, combining the two typologies of medical interventions and thus facilitating access to health care, marking a significant change in the way medical services are offered and managed worldwide. Medical diplomacy is essential in promoting global health through education, prevention and treatment. This may include international programmes to combat infectious diseases, improve nutrition and access to basic health services. Telemedicine enables healthcare providers to collaborate across borders, sharing patient information, discussing cases, and seeking advice from specialists in different countries, while medical diplomacy establishes frameworks for cross-border collaboration, encouraging the exchange of medical personnel, resources, and expertise to address common health challenges. On the other hand, telemedicine allows doctors to provide remote consultations and care, which becomes crucial in remote areas or with limited access to health services, being essential in the rapid provision of healthcare in emergency situations. Doctors can provide remote guidance in case of accidents or other critical situations, helping to save lives. Telemedicine can also be used for educational purposes, allowing doctors and medical staff to participate in training programs and online courses to improve their skills and knowledge. Through medical diplomacy and telemedicine, the global community can respond more effectively to health challenges and ensure access to quality healthcare around the world. Why Fly to a Smile? Because we all want to discover how to be healthy, as simple and natural as possible, without fears and anxieties, to find that SMILE TO FLY TO! From medical consultation, which can be online or physical, to the possibility of offering a complex medical service in Romania, even for patients from abroad, Fly to a Smile has solutions for every patient.

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